Reiki 3/Master Certification Retreat 

Mon. Nov. 8, 2021 - Sat. Nov. 13th, 2021 | Oahu, HI.

This retreat is going to be unlike any others! We will be taking a deep dive into Reiki with Advanced Reiki Training as well as the Master Level. Becoming a Reiki Master means to embrace self mastery. It is a process of living and learning, but from a place of inner power. It is about knowing who you are and stepping into a life to reflect who you are. It is about being true to yourself, loving yourself unconditionally, and being of service in this world according to your innate abilities and talents, while at the same time fulfilling your highest purpose.

This will be a week long experience in Hawaii camping at Camp Maleakahana on the North Shore of Oahu.

As usual the retreat is All-Inclusive, with some surprises thrown in this time!

I'm SO excited to welcome you to our retreat experience. We're gonna take "Girls Trip" to a whole other level!

Staci Curtis will be leading our yoga and whatever else she feels called to do.


Our campsite is at the beach, so we'll get plenty of time to just "Play" as well as go ziplining and find some waterfalls and whatever else we can get up to!

I'm keeping the groups small to 5 women only. I still want this to be intimate and hopefully a chance for you to really let loose, open up spiritually, and share more of your heart with all of us!

I'm including below the class description from our certifying body so you'll have a clear idea of what you'll be learning.

The ART/Master training combines both Advanced Reiki Training and the complete Usui/Holy Fire® II Master training.

To qualify to take this class a student must have taken Reiki I&II and practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months. Also, a student must be able to draw the 3 symbols from Reiki II from memory.

In the process of learning the healing techniques, Experiences, Placements and Ignitions and taking part in the guided meditations, each student will receive many healing experiences.

Advanced Reiki Training

  • The Healing in the River of Life Experience.

  • The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can be used for healing.

  • The Usui/Holy Fire® II Master Placement which increases the strength of your Reiki energy and empowers the Usui Master symbol.

  • Practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments.

  • The Pre-Ignition.

  • How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged.

  • Reiki aura clearing that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it to the light.

Reiki III/Master

  • The Ocean of Holy Love Experience.

  • The Holy Fire® symbol is given for a total of five symbols for the entire system.

  • Both Usui/Holy Fire® II Master ignitions and the Healing Fire Ignition are received.

  • Hands-on practice using the Holy Fire® Symbol for treatments.

  • Instruction on how to give Reiki Placements for Reiki I&II, ART and the pre-ignition, the Healing in the River of Life Experience, both ignitions for Reiki Master and the Healing Fire ignition.

  • The Holy Fire® Healing Experience that can be given to anyone and directs the powerful Holy Fire® energies to heal.

  • How to give yourself Experiences, Placements and Ignitions.

  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.

  • How to teach including going over the class outline as well as how to develop and promote your Reiki business.

  • 186 page class manual.

  • Certificate


Instruction is given on the Usui/Holy Fire® II system of Experiences, Placements and Ignitions. The Holy Fire® Healing Experience is given to the class and Aura Clearing (psychic surgery) is given and received by all students. This class is a powerful healing experience. While the content of the class will allow anyone to pass the ability to do Reiki on to others and to teach if one chooses, many take the class for their own use or to use with family and friends.

It is required that you have taken level 1/2 certification from a Certified Reiki Master within the last 6 months to qualify for level 3/4. If you have not attended our retreats, but have certification I will need a copy of your current Certificate with your registration.

Can't wait to see your beautiful smiling faces in Hawaii!!!


Reiki 1 & 2 Certification: $2,000 USD

2 ways to get your ticket. 

Option1Pay in full: $2,000

Option 2- Payment Plan: Paid in 2 installments. The first payment is $500.00 down, non-refundable deposit to secure a spot at the retreat due by July 1st. The remainder will be $1500.00 billed 8 weeks before the retreat. I am open to other payment arrangements within this time frame should you need one. Just message me and we can figure something out!

To get started please fill out the form below, hit submit and then select your desired payment option to check out and secure your spot.


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