Over and over the past 2 weeks I keep getting the message that our foundational beliefs are what set the stage for our emotions, our actions, and our non actions. It started when I happened to find the work of Morty Lefkoe. His wife was speaking on a podcast, and it was so intriguing to hear that our false beliefs could actually be eliminated. I hopped over to the website to see what I could find, and they had a free 30 min program. Eliminate one of the most hard held beliefs in 30 mins. Sure....even skeptical through the whole thing, I did exactly what he said to do, and I can tell you 2 weeks later, I'm not triggered by that belief anymore! That is SO insane to me.

From there I just started seeing the belief message everywhere. That led me to Peter Crone the other day, and I spent Sunday listening to him talk on various podcasts. He is just brilliant. And the pieces are starting to come together.

I chose to eliminate the belief that I'm not good enough. And now it's like a doorway has been opened to EVERYTHING. Where once I felt like it was a struggle to choose myself, it's coming easy. And I'm acutely aware of it. I've also been doing some YIN yoga, which has helped to release all kinds of things! So lots of crying lately! And I love it.

I don't know I just feel "good". And am working on being OK with the moment exactly as it is. You'll see what I mean if you go down the rabbit hole. Basically no event has a meaning except the one we give it. And when you stop to look at how often we give EVERYTHING meaning...whew! LOL

It's like it's all led to these moments of clarity. Which I know is true, and tell everyone all the time. That things come to you as you are ready for them. And for me to feel actually empowered to know I'm strong enough to move forward is a big deal.

I'm excited because I know it's gonna bleed through into the retreats, and onto everyone else! I can't wait to love on new faces, and reconnect with old!

I know I can't be the only one with long held beliefs holding us back from being truly FREE in this life. I hope that by sharing, this inspires you to check out some of the resources above. And if you come across any that you would like to share, let me know in the comments, and I will share them online. This is why we're here I love ourselves deeper then we thought possible, and to let that bleed out into our world and everyone in it! I'm honored that you're all on this journey with me!

All my love,


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