Top 5 things a Reiki Practitioner Needs to Know

The following will apply of course to students of mine, or anyone currently a Reiki Practitioner but might also be of value to those of you considering becoming one.

1. Don't Diagnose: When giving a Reiki treatment, our only job is to be a conduit for this energy. It is our minds job to look for problems, our souls to trust that we don't need to be the ones to tell someone what is wrong with them. It's an interesting dichotomy for sure, as Reiki is used to treat imbalances in the body. That is where I think it should start and stop. Through the use of Byosen Scanning, we can perceive where there are blockages in a person's auric field and physical body. We don't have to give names to it. If we speak to our clients with open ended phrases, and allow them to come to their own conclusions, we are again holding space for their healing, and empowering them to know that NO ONE but themselves can heal them. This is also why I don't ask for specific issues that people want to work on. That just entices both of our egos. None of which are useful in that moment. If they mention something BIG then I would employ the use of the Holy Fire Healing Meditation.

2. Do not prescribe: This goes right along with "Don't Diagnose" and goes without saying. We as the practitioner aren't doing any of the healing, nor does the energy come from "Us". So the best that we can do is to suggest and allow the client to choose what resonates with them. As an example when I am giving a session, and I notice that an area is off, and I work on it, afterwards when I mention that, I would say something like I noticed this or this, I suggest you spend the next couple of days journaling and reflecting on this, and see what comes up for you. By them doing that, they get to prescribe the solution for themselves. Once again empowering them to know they have always had the answers.

3. Don't get lost in the logistics: Reiki is steeped in tradition, from the legend of Usui, to the Reiki principles and sacred symbols. These are all extremely important and as you continue your studies, you will begin to get a sense of the resonance of the Reiki collective. Where you do not want to allow yourself to get distracted is in the egoic aspects of our collective. There are many branches of Reiki, and one is not better then the other. In fact I know several people personally who are Masters in several different types of Reiki. Any kind of healing and spiritual work can turn egoic when we start to judge. The path of learning Reiki if you are open to change will blow all those up naturally. Because they are naturally there. Right along with this goes other healing modalities. They exist so that we can have options and learn to listen to our higher self about which ones resonate with us. As long as they don't come from an ego place but one of true love and compassion for others they won't be "wrong" in that sense. I encourage every Reiki Practitioner to explore what their soul sets upon them.

4. Keep up your personal development: It's easy in this line of work or hell just life itself to get lost and forget that we need what we give our clients everyday. Always put your healing first. We can't pour from an empty cup. And that doesn't mean that the quality of Reiki you are channeling will be less it just means you will be depleted, and burn out quicker. This means daily self- treatments, and treatments from other Reiki Masters that you trust. I get treatments monthly from my Reiki Master and when I know things are off and I need the extra assistance I will go to her because she's been doing this for 30 plus years, her wisdom will shine through. That's not in anyway to say that someone who has been doing this for longer then you knows more, but...when you meet a person in this who you can tell doesn't apply their ego to it, but allow the wisdom and their soul to speak to can trust that you're working together, and like the saying "two heads are better then one" becomes true. Not to mention we have tendencies to get in our own way. So it's always good to bounce things off someone not personally involved in your life! Long story short, don't forget your own personal healing. Never stop growing, evolving, learning to hear more and more of your higher self, living from an intuition place...surrendering to that and the Reiki energy as a guide and you will watch your life flow smoother and avoid only ever giving to others and not yourself.

5. Value the work: The final thing I would like to leave you with is please – value your work. When you are starting out and throughout your years in practice, doubt will surface. “Am I good enough? Do I have enough experience? Is what I am doing working?” This doubt is natural and is your ego’s way of trying to prevent you from moving forward. But acknowledging that and using those thoughts to offer yourself more love and compassion will go a long way to learning to trust yourself, and value what you offer to the world. Trust me when I say you matter and have value and what you do through Reiki matters just by the simple fact that you are YOU! A beautiful expansive SOUL having a human experience, learning more and more what unconditional love really is. You are more than good enough, yes, you have the experience you need and what you are doing is definitely working. Honor Reiki and yourself.

All my love,


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