When you feel "BLAH"

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I read somewhere today that one of the symptoms of spiritual awakening is that you feel completely disconnected from what's "normal". That accompanied with exhaustion, and the desire to be alone. Along with this comes the inevitable awareness that you have experienced some sort of trauma during your life, and you're ready to heal it.

I say all this to say that I know how this feels. Sometimes I think I'm crazy! Other times I think to myself "I'm so glad that I know I'm evolving, or else I would think there was something really wrong with me." Not that that isn't true, I just think our emotions offer us the chance to heal. And our bodies convey what our emotions are trying to tell us.

So I thought I would do a round up of practices that I find helpful when I feel particularly dug in to these overwhelming feelings.

1. Reiki- I give myself a complete treatment, along with doing some sort of a grounding meditation. Immediately I can feel the love flowing to me, and I can feel my body relax, and my mind quiet. I don't try to "hear" anything, I just allow whatever comes up to be seen. I always feel like I'm floating on cloud nine when I'm done.

2. I read a book that I know uplifts me in some way. Currently I'm reading Gabby Bernstein's Super Attractor. I'm at the chapter where she speaks to making "feeling good" a habit. I know from experience how easy it is to live your life from the viewpoint that you're just not quite good enough. It's not a full blown thing, but it colors the way you see yourself and life. I wrote a great post here on being aware of what you're emotional foundation is and how to bring yourself into balance if you're noticing you don't feel how you'd like. Check it out, and use what resonates with you.

3. Holy Fire Healing Meditation- A lot of times we need help from God or the Universe or our angels and guides to get us out of our own way. And this works because we have a lot of unconscious beliefs, that are sometimes too deep for us to see. We know we don't feel right but we can't quite pinpoint it. This meditation is useful for anything that you feel could use some healing. Emotional, physical, goals, issues in life, anything..... It can be found by signing up for my newsletter at www.prescottreiki.com scroll to the bottom.

4. I give myself some grace, and I take a deep breath. This awakening shit isn't easy, and at times it's scary as hell. I have to work at remembering that I'm safe, loved, and protected, and I can use my intuition to navigate this life. Sometimes all I can do is surrender. They say it's one of the most important steps, and brings about the most relief. This and cultivating the ability to find gratitude and happiness regardless of what outside conditions appear to be.

I do know that having a community of support helps A LOT. Even if it's online, something is better then believing you have to do this alone. One of the things I love about our Retreats is that you are welcomed, no matter who you are, or what you believe. Even though we meet as strangers, we leave as family. The biggest impact learning Reiki has is that it connects you ALL THE TIME to a healing source of unconditional LOVE. (I do want to add a disclaimer that we were born with this connection, it's the finding out about it, and learning how to utilize it that makes the difference) The ability to give that to yourself is life changing. If you'd like to learn in a non traditional setting, supported by mother earth and other like minded women, I'd be honored to teach. Check out our current retreat offerings! I teach all levels, and am open to location suggestions.

Since we are a community, and one that shares and uplifts, I would love it if you'd share your personal practices that get you through this waking up process of life. I know that what you do personally is valuable to someone else. So share in the comments!



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