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Updated: Feb 15

This morning's meditation brought up a lot! I could tell it was big as my entire body was shaking and had the chills.

I've said something akin to what I'm going to talk about during our retreats. The idea that when working with people, I choose not to know what they want to work on. I choose to let my intuition show me what needs to be heard or seen. And even then, I tend not to give explanations about what I sense. I keep it general so that the person can use THEIR intuition to learn about themselves, and get the answers from themselves. It's not my job to give answers. It's to empower others to find their own.

I heard the words "When I look into you..I see your wholeness, your truth, and your beauty. Because when I look into myself that's what I see. I've always been really good at finding the negative, or going to look for it. But I started to remember some fundamentally true aspects today.

And that is that LOVE and WHOLENESS are the TRUTH of us. And what if our jobs as healers isn't to help others identify what is wrong, but to remember what is right? If LOVE is the truth of us then looking for what is wrong reinforces the message that we are broken and need fixing. We DON'T need to be fixed. That's the lie we've all been sold.

We are perfect and aligned all the time. But our perceptions are misaligned. Not just spiritually speaking or higher self speaking, as if those aspects don't belong to our physical body. But INCLUDING our physical body and all our systems. I've heard a lot over the years, that our body is designed to heal itself. That it will if we just get out of the way. It's confusing as much as it is enlightened. We've been taught that our chakras can get out of balance, as well as the rest of our energetic system, which trickles down to our physical. And I get that..I've experienced that. But I feel finally that the way I got out of that wasn't to look at what was wrong. That only made me more stressed. Even wanting it gone brought stress. But tuning into what is right, what my truth is, and learning how to accept everything for what it is, the parts of me that feel unlovable the most has made the biggest mark for me in this journey. And truthfully it's taken the full 5 years till just recently for the pieces to fall into place for me.

I saw a video a long time ago, of these men healing this woman's tumor. They used ultrasound to show it, and as these men are praying, healing, they are chanting the word "LOVE" and you can watch the tumor disappear. I feel like all they did was align with her truth, with their truth, and remind her body of that. When we are doing energy work, we connect with the person we are working with. In that moment, if all we did was align with the highest truth of that person, and direct that to them as in Giving Reiki, we have done all we could do. Instead of saying something is "off" we hold space for the truth of who we all are. Absolute Holy Love. We use Reiki as a tool to connect with what is right, not with what is wrong and needs to be fixed by Reiki. It's funny how my views and beliefs have changed with the experiences I've had. Where at one time I thought something was true, life's ebbs and flows and lessons make it mean something new. And I'm excited about that!

Part of me feels like it's really easy to get lost in this whole self-love/spirituality game. There's so much out there to choose from. When in reality when you boil it all down, it's really simple. And it seems like the simpler it is the bigger the results. I don't know if that's because there is less to do or if it's just the truth of all of this. But our hearts are the compass, and our ego the barometer for where we are buying into the lie. Ego isn't something that needs to be tamed. It's something that needs to be accepted and loved. We all have aspects of ourselves that throw us. And that's OK. Part of the human experience. In those moments when we can be honest and recognize that we are the dark parts we are told not to like, we need to love them. And come back to our truth. And practice this over and over and over.

I think if I could summarize what we're supposed to be doing, it would be to use every experience we have as an opportunity to return to the truth of us. Not the truth society and our parents and family and friends have said...but our mystical truth. To accept that being human comes with aspects of both light and dark, and to live alongside both in harmony. And while we do this for us, we offer it to others so that they may have the same experience of love. Now granted I KNOW, I KNOW this process is wrought with fear but that's part of it as well. And that would be where breath, and practice come into it. Practice whatever you want that brings you back to your truth without judgement. I love Reiki for that, but I also love meditation, and mindful awareness has been doing wonders for me lately. At the end of the day I try as often as I can to not judge. Because this shit is hard, it is messy, but it is equally beautiful, full of highs you can't imagine!

And then as I have recently learned offer that to ALL BEINGS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. For some reason this idea didn't really ever occur to me. But it makes sense. Self Love is Great..but if you keep it for yourself who are you helping besides yourself? Don't get me wrong, I do believe that by healing yourself you def. heal others. But to intentionally think of the good of a game changer.

So to sum up, since this has taken a few days to write, I think I'm learning that my place in all of this self-help, teach Reiki arena, is to remind everyone of their truth. To give them an experience that allows them to let down their guards, and experience the fullness of themselves uninhibited by their beliefs. And I teach Reiki to reinforce that. So that on this journey, you have something that will bring you back to your truth time and time again. An actual dedicated practice that moves you forward.

All my love,


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